Projekt A DVD Booklet

Logbook entry 10, 10/23/2019, Earth


Follow this Link to download the beautiful Projekt A Booklet in english.

Three years have passed since we last updated our blog. We’re so happy to see that the film still draws so much attention. Be it online, on DVD (the English version of the booklet just came hot off the press), or in theaters. Among the highlights this year was the screening in Kampala, Uganda, for sure. Thanks to all of you out there!

Travelogue Greece


Logbook entry 9, 07/23/2016, Earth


A short travelogue on our documentary’s premier in Greece

After Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Projekt A has also started to run in cinemas and other locations in Greece. Our secret sneak preview took place in the completely crowded Parko Navarinou on May 13th. We have been really excited to come back to the first of our far flung movie locations. Projekt A was shown there to honor the founding of Parko’s 7th anniversary.
The cinema premier followed on May 19th in the Alkionis movie theater. Marcel was there as well and was ready for a Q&A. Then followed screenings and crowd discussions (some of them with protagonists) in other Athenian cinemas, at the anarchist B-Fest, a showing at the Athens School of Fine Arts and, last but not least – before leaving by ship for Ancona in Mid-June – a wonderful, student-organized screening at the stairs over/above Patras.
One of the highlights, besides some articles in the press, was the radio show in the Greek public station ERT. Here you can visit the Projekt A Youtube Channel and here you get directly linked to the radio show.

What’s the situation like in Greece these days? Compared to the days of our main shooting in 2012 and 2013 it got, concerning the population’s resistance, definitely calmer. The people’s daily routines are marked by the austerity programs and there are still strikes on a weekly basis, which complicate their lives. This can be especially limiting as far as public transport is concerned. In the blink of an eye you can be stranded on a lonely island, or maybe you don’t even reach it in the first place, in case the seamen put down their work for 4 days (as it happened to our travelling Marcel).
Other consequences only hit the Greek population as such. The control of capital transfers, for example, allows them to draw a maximum of 420€ a week. Though a monthly wage of 750€ for an elementary school teacher, to take an example, you rarely get into trouble because of the limit. The costs of living are comparable to those in Germany though. What was interesting to see, was that for the greater part of the population life seems to go on as usually. Even though the lower third of society is hit hard, there are still enough well-off people who can afford to buy a beer for 3,50€ in hip clubs.
What we have recognized immediately and of course is to our liking, is the rising number of bicyclists in Athens. Had there been only a few weirdos like two or three years ago, who dared to take on the car and motorcycle traffic in that hilly city, so today they’re becoming more and more. That this trend isn’t only due to economic hardships, but is also having an ecological and athletic aspect, is shown by a variety of bike-demonstrations. Big respect!
As elsewhere in Europe, the anarchist movement is foremost active in the area of refugee relief work these days. Many of the squattings in Athens are done with and for the refugees. Thereby solidarity goes beyond the movement’s borders – which is even more stunning taking into mind the economic situation of many people around the country.
Due to the EU-Turkey deal less and less refugees are making it to the Greek islands, that’s why many groups on Lesbos and elsewhere are leaving. But for sure, there will be enough to do anyways.
And the government? The disappointment concerning the Syriza-administration in the movement, as well as among the greater part of the population is big. Nevertheless one has to concede that at least there are no evictions of squatted houses. (Note / August 10th 2016: Unfortunately this is not true: At July 27th three squats in Salonika were evicted. Also in the year before evictions took place. At the moment we do not know which political entities are responsible for this actions) But of course the situation concerning the real estate market in Athens isn’t that pressing anyways at the moment. About 30% of all houses are vacated. Prices are down and the first property sharks, Greek and foreign, are beginning their land grabbing at dumping sales. At some day the boom has to arrive, and until then, there will again be a little more property in the hands of the few.
However, here you can see an environment in which there is lots of space for changes. For changes, which are necessary, but are depending on the ability of the people to build up projects and structures over the long term.

Whoever feels like supporting Parko Navarinou actively, or in any other way can contact them via

We want to thank all those helping us to bring the movie to Greece. It was just the beginning!

For further screenings and for requests from Greece in general please contact (German, Greek, English). Or contact us via our Greek facebook-account. There you can also find a schedule of upcoming screenings and press articles.

πολλές ευχαριστίες

Marcel & Moritz

14 Days of Cinema


Logbook entry 8, 02/16/2016, Earth


Dear anarchist audience!

Unbelievable things are happening! All in all that means that we´re happily overloaded with work and that´s the reason why we kindly ask you, to use the google translator with the german part of this entry.


The Projekt A Collective

Cinema Release!!!

FP_BLOG_Projekt A Logo


Logbook entry 7, 12/28/2015, Earth


Dear friends, anarchists, and future ones,

We’ve got two great pieces of news for you:
First one: our new trailer is ready to watch at our Vimeo Channel. We think it’s really awesome and shout out a big Thank You to the Trailerhaus guys for their fantastic work and their sheer endless patience with our constant nagging, as well as to Frans Stummer for the mixing and to Jan Klonowski of the Rabauken, who was always at hand to adjust the coloring, set subtitles and to play out the whole thing in all imaginable formats. And last but not least thanks to Die Ärzte for allowing us to use their wonderful song. Muchas Gracias!

Second one: The date for the premier is fixed: Projekt A will start running in German cinemas on February 4th. We’re happy to have Jörg from Drop-Out Cinema with us who participates in bringing the world this movie. The film distribution funding unfortunately didn’t turn out as we had hoped for. But that won’t stop us and – as always – we try to reach our goal via unconventional ways. One of these ways will be the announced film-tour, which shall generate as much attention for the movie and its topic as possible.
Here you can find cinema schedules and film-tour dates. Dates are updated regularly.

The tour will start in Berlin on February 2nd with the premier in the Volksbühne. You’re dearly invited to join us! Hanna Poddig (protagonist) and much of the film crew will be there as well. Those of you who took part in the crowdfunding campaign and opted for an invitation to the premier or for tickets, or those of you who helped with translations and things like that, and want to come – please contact us asap. They’ll get free entrance of course. Everyone else can order tickets directly from the Volksbühne.
After the premier there will be a nice little party in the Roten Salon. Those of you who have been at the premier in Munich know that it’s worth joining! Following the premier in Berlin we will tour the North of Germany. Starting with February 16th we’ll also haunt the South of the Republic. If you want to book the movie (or maybe us coming along as well) for your area, just contact us. We’d like to contact your local cinemas for you.
Besides that you can best help us in these days by word of mouth or some other kind of propaganda, like helping us to get in touch with people from the press (not only radio and TV). There’s also a first interview of us in the latest issue of the Gaudiblatt from Munich. Enjoy it!

Quite busy and just because of that overflowing with pleasant anticipation,

M. & M.

Film distribution and more…

Drop-Out Cinema

Logbook entry 6, 10/29/2015, Earth


Hello folks,

We’re happy we can tell you that Projekt A will be in German-language cinemas via Drop-Out Cinema film distribution from end of January 2016 on. Drop Out Cinema is a cooperatively organized film distributor and due to its alternative approach and aims it’s a perfect fit for us and Projekt A.
By cooperating with Drop Out Cinema we have the possibility to commonly decide, how and where we want to release the movie to reach a broad variety of audiences and thereby be able to trigger discussions not only in anarchist circles. At that’s where we need your help. If you want the movie to be shown in your city, you can recommend your favorite cinema, or want to organize a discussion with regional groups and initiatives, you’re very welcome to contact us.

For those of you who don’t want to wait till January 2016, you can watch Projekt A at the Polit-Film-Fest on November 24th, 5pm, in Innsbruck. There the movie will be shown with German subtitles for the first time and afterwards Marcel will be available for a Q&A session.

Left to say is that there are fine Projekt A shirts around in the meantime, so only the DVD or download are still available as a Thank You of our crowdfunding campaign. Those will only be available after the cinema-tour. So, thanks for your patience at this point.

Some news about people appearing in the movie:
In 2012 we accompanied Hanna Poddig during a blockade of a uranium transport from the uranium enrichment facility in Gronau. Together with another activist she chained herself to the tracks then and was thereby able to delay the departure of the train for several hours. As expected a trial followed, which eventually ended with a verdict in September. For the action you can see in the movie she was fined 90, respectively 110 day rates for disturbing public services.
The activists will appeal to the courts against that unusually harsh verdict.
More information on the verdict and further protest…

Daniel Überall of the Kartoffelkombinat Munich is Co-initiator of the Intereuropean Human Aid Association which is helping refugees in a fast and direct way.
Current mobilisation video.

Last but not least here’s a movie tip to sweeten you the waiting time till our tour start:
“How to change the world” is in cinemas now. It’s about the founding years of Greenpeace; an exciting documentary with incredible footage from the archives – we highly recommend it!

Greetings and best wishes,

Marcel, Moritz, Tobi and now with Jörg from Drop Out Cinema

Filmfest München… ;-)

Logbook entry 5, 06/23/2014, Earth


It was a wonderful time at the Filmfest in Munich. The premiere and all the other screenings have been attended very well and the feedback has been amazing.

Relating to our film, another event, called “Anarchism – The tool for a better World?” took place at 3rd of July. It dealt with anarchism, questions concerning the projects introduced in the film and possible future developments.

Last but not least, we also won the audience award! Absolutely overwhelming!

At the moment we are working on the next steps of Project A. In the next few months we would like to present the documentary at other film festivals in order to reach a broader audience and to increase chances for getting a TV slot sometime in the near future. From January on the film will be screened in cinemas in Germany. As a follow-up, we are planning a film tour and a DVD and Video-on-demand release.

We want to reach as many people as possible with the film. Especially those people who haven’t been reached by anarchist ideas so far. We suppose cinemas and film festivals to be the hot-spots for our purposes. But of course that does not exclude film tours to housing projects and other alternative places all around Europe.

That’s it so far! If you want to get further news subscribe our newsletter here on the website.

In great solidarity,

Marcel and Moritz

Premiere in Munich. YEAH!

Logbook entry 4, 06/23/2014, Earth


Projekt A is receiving its Premiere at the International Filmfestival in Munich on the 2nd of July!

For the last three months we worked non-stop on finishing the film. Color correction, sound- design and mixing, animation, graphics, voice-over, and lots of other things all at once.
From our different locations we were working multi-local to get everything together and have to say: We are quite happy with the result.
This film has been quite a trip for us and without the great support of all the different people from all over Europe it wouldn´t have been possible to get that far.
We are thankful to all the people and projects we got the chance to meet along this past five years. Thank you all!!!
And now it´s time to celebrate. If you plan to come to one of the screenings, please let us know.

Screening Dates:
Thursday, 2nd of July 5 p.m. ARRI Cinema (Premiere)
Friday, 3rd 10 p.m. ARRI Cinema
Saturday, 4th 3 p.m. Münchner Freiheit

Tickets and more information.

Following the premiere, there will be an opening-night party on Thursay (July/2) in the Import Export, starting at 9 p.m.

On Friday the 3rd, there will also be a panel discussion, where protagonists and we discuss if anarchism is a realistic alternative to the system. Admission is free. Please be sure to reserve tickets ahead of time online or at the Box Office.
More Information.

Best wishes

Moritz & Marcel

How it all began…

Blogbook entry 3, 11/10/2014, Earth, Niederfinow


How it all began…

First of all, a big thank you to all supporters for your help so far. It’s still quite so way down the road to reach the necessary 8,000€, but we’re confident. We’re especially pleased by all the offerings of all kinds of people to support us with their skills and knowledge! To sweeten you the upcoming 30 days, there’ll be background information and news concerning the movie time and again. And because X-Mas is just around the corner, have a look at our thank-you gifts. What’s more pleasant than to radicalize your family. 😉Watch Full Movie Online Streaming and Download

But now, right to the topic: how it all started

The roots of the project go back to 2008. By chance I was listening to a speech given by German anarchist Horst Stowasser. He spoke about his anarchist conceptions and ideas at a conference on participative democracy. It was one of those moments which open your eyes. I was always skeptical towards the existing system and felt the impulse to rather get things done by myself, instead of leaving them to some institution or higher entity. What Stowasser referred to wasn’t completely new to me, I knew them deep inside myself, but he found the right words for those things. His trigger and inspiration was anarchism. Then as now, the appeal of the anarchist idea(s) to me is still the fact that you don’t question the one or the other aspect of a system, but the system as such. At the same time anarchism offers a wide variety of approaches how societies could be organized differently. If we really want to change the miserable powers-that-be, then radical approaches will be needed. Radical in a sense, meaning that we don’t have to accept the status quo, but being ready to think out of the box. Anarchism derives its fascination from showing moments in history in which other forms of social organization have really been near at hand.
Of course, Horst was immediately ablaze by the idea of doing a documentary on that topic. Shortly thereafter Marcel joined the project, but not only as a cameraman, but as an equal partner. If you really want to do a movie about anarchism then it definitely had to be mirrored in the way we wanted to work. What followed was doing intensive research on a theoretical as well as practical level. Of course we are aware of the fact that anarchism can’t be the panacea for all the problems mankind encounters.
The stance we take as moviemakers is clear nevertheless:
we want societies to be organized in non-hierarchic ways.

Tragically Horst Stowasser died way too early due to blood-poisoning in 2009. It’s not only a great loss for the movie, but it also was a big shock for us on a personal level. Our endless gratitude goes out to Horst for his energy and passion. His fantastic book “Anarchie: Idee – Geschichte – Perspektive” served us as an orientation guide and as a basis throughout the different phases of the project.
From the beginning on, it was our declared goal of the movie, to give an introduction to the idea of anarchism as well as to find out about the latest projects out there. As with all big political visions, realization isn’t as easy as you might imagine at the drawing board. There is no such thing as an anarchist parallel-society. Everything we do takes place inside the existing order. A large part of alternative project’s energy is wasted in the fight against the system. We decided to focus on projects and people working towards a concrete realization of an anarchist vision, or taking the first steps towards such.

In how far we have been able to achieve this, you have to judge for yourself by watching the movie.
We hope to start discussions with our project and to bring anarchist theory back into the discourse again.

Having said so much for now:

Let us know what you think, write on the pin-board on startnext, post on facebook, or send us mails, towards which we of course like to take recourse in our blog entries.


Taratarataaaa… Let´s go!

Logbook entry 2, 11/06/2014, Earth, Altoetting


Taratarataaaa – Ladies and Gentleman,Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

after having survived the long time of waiting to get our bank papers legitimated we finally get it going. Bureaucracy isn’t defeated, nevertheless our crowdfunding phase on startnext starts today. At this point it’s time to say thank you to all our fans! But after the match is before the match, so now it’s time to support us and the project by sharing it with your friends and in your social networks.
We want to make as many people as possible aware of the movie until Sunday, December, 14th.
Christians and former ones among you might know that’s the second Sunday of Advent and what’s the saying again: Do Good, or at least get yourself a thank you as a X-Mas present.

It was last Sunday when Rudi of Pogoradio recorded his 677th Pogoradio show. Project A was his guest via skype from Altötting. You may forgive us the following: two guys with hangovers on a Sunday evening…so we haven’t been in our best condition, but we hope you’ll enjoy the punkrock we interloped into the show, haha. Here you can download the show.

To those of you who want to know more about the parasitic connection of pogo, punk and anarchy, we highly recommend to read the article “Punk und Anarchismus: Ein seltsames Paar” by Dr. Peter Seyferth, even though our movie is especially about NOT catering to familiar stereotypes, but to portray Anarchism as a serious political theory.

While you are reading, we try to bring into order the 50 hours of footage we have. Plainly spoken that mean Moritz is condensing interviews in Niederfinow, Frank, together with Anna, does the cutting of the German material, and I am working on the last translations and subtitles in Altötting.
Oh, and yes, Tobi is in Vienna and might be the first one to work through your requests. Step by step there’ll also be a few more thank you presents as we have tons of great stuff scattered among different places which we didn’t want to disclose all at once, hehe. And once again, a big thank you to all the people and projects who supported us on here.

To cut a long story short: the crowdfunding started! We need to have at least 8.000€ until December 14th. Our goal is to collect 15.000€.

Muchas Gracias and an antiauthoritarian ahoy!

Marcel, Moritz, Tobi

First Words, first log book entry

Logbook entry 1, 10/17/14, Earth, Altoetting


Dear friends of the anti-authoritarian movie,

it’s up and running! With this we welcome you in the name of Moritz, Tobi, myself, and all the other participants, to the booster phase of the crowdfunding for Projekt A.

Most of the information about the movie you can find on the actual webpage. In case of further questions – bring them on! (Either directly to the “Starter”, by making a comment on the “wall” or via the contact form on our webpage

On the one hand, this blog keeps you on track on the film’s progress and what we are up to, on the other hand we want to use it for disseminating and discussing about anarchism in an objective way – feel invited to participate!

Projekt A – another flick about resistance and projects?
Yes…hmm…No…hmm…Well, we highly appreciate movies like “Für eine andere Welt”, “Everyday Rebellion”, “Another World” or for example the film- and bookproject “Pfade durch Utopia”. And as exciting and action-loaded the world of resistance or some well-assorted dropout-projects can be – we’ve been out in the streets looking for something else. Our focus was based on projects and people concentrating on a society-encompassing perspective. A perspective which aims as getting out of the misery we’re in nowadays.
Which ideas and plans are there beyond revolt and which first steps dare anarchists and anti-authoritarian people take, to move towards a future utopia? And how does utopia look like at all?

Besides that we also want to – following the path of Horst Stowasser’s book „Anarchie! Idee – Geschichte – Perspektiven” create a movie which offers an introduction to the topic and sketches out principles and goals of this heterogeneous movement. (More about Horst Stowasser – and how everything started out – later on).

Above all we want to kindle the utopian discourse and set off lots of discussions.
Best wishes and peace on earth!